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debkzl: "I really want to get a tattoo for my 22nd bday (today), of Zayn's solo from Moments, in his handwriting. How Can I make this happen?!"

First off, happy birthday!  Secondly, I’m not sure that he’s written out the lyrics, especially to his own solo.  What you could try doing is finding something else that he has written, take it to the tattoo artist so that he could get a feel for his font of handwriting and see if he could do it up how he might.  It’s a risky choice, but it’s worth a shot.  I’m not sure how else it could happen though.

I think it’s a meaningful set of lyrics, but make sure you’re absolutely certain since this is a permanent decision.  I’m sure you have, but I thought I’d reiterate that important fact.  I’ve got a few of my own, so I know how it can get a little old.

If you do get it, let me know how it went!

Zayn outside LP Field in Nashville - 08.19.14. (x)

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